07 January 2021

Everyday Holiness - Montana

I’ve had this thought-full quote in pocket and it seems fitting for today, both in light of current US events AND because today is Ukrainian (or Orthodox) Christmas Day. Oh, that we will walk with eyes open to see holiness and value in our everyday people and places (hmmmm... like Jesus does....).

“My mind wanders to a friend who trained monks in ritualization. “When they started Communion,” she explained, “they would pick up the chalice without giving it any thought, purely an object to be used, not treated as holy. What they needed to learn was the importance of developing a relationship with liturgical things and become involved with them. Only then would the ceremony have meaning.” 

Listening to her, I couldn't help but imagine what my world might be like if I looked at the human beings I was closest to as holy and treated them with that same sense of respect.”

-Joan Anderson, in A Year By The Sea, p. 73-74

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