11 April 2021

Morning Walk (aka Adventure) - Missoula, Montana

All of 25 degrees Fahrenheit on this brisk Missoula, Montana, morning - and there are people out running IN SHORTS!!! Guessing (since I have no desire to know from experience) that running provides a whole different personal climate (although that one girl’s legs were pret-ty bright red....).  
Call me a wuss, but for me it’s the  classic toque-gloves-scarf combo until temps are waaayyy above freezing! One less thing to distract from the same goal as when we were kids kicked outdoors to amuse ourselves - stay balanced (on whatever was available) or the (imaginary) alligators will get you!  
(Warning: Walks that turn into flights of fancy may also occur among adults!)


  1. :) <3 (but that one girls legs were pre-e-e-ty red!haha) we have those people here in Ontario as well lol! and, imaginary alligators brought back memories! I like your shoes! ( and the warning) I hope I never lose my 'flight of fancy'

    1. Thanks on the shoes! They were a happy find! Another fanciful alligator memory (obviously lived nowhere near any REAL alligators!) is Big Sis #3 giving me a glass of lovely green alligator milk with breakfast. Apparently I was a wee gullible child who needed coaxing. A few drops of food colouring et voila!


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