17 January 2012

Teller Wildlife Refuge, Corvallis, Montana

Deciding spontaneously to take a walk down by the Bitterroot River near Corvallis, Montana, I then paused to wonder if any version of hunting was still allowed in the river bottom
, since a brown coat with a fake fur collar & a white scarf are not the smartest attire for walking in the woods in season, as deer wear these same colours.
 A quick call to a hunting friend confirmed that, yes, river bottom hunting is still on in our area & I could encounter an arrow OR a bullet so 'twould be smart to wear orange or some such. Rooting around in the car produced an old red flannel shirt in the backseat of the car; I tugged it on over my jacket & happily proceeded toward the trailhead. 
Whilst rummaging about, several other people showed up with nary a bright colour among them. I was concerned, but then my curious cat-sense murmured, "Read the posted sign."
Lo, & behold, no hunting is allowed on that section of the Teller Wildlife Refuge.
Sigh. At least my backseat is tidier.

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