25 January 2013

Picnic Blanket, Pattee Canyon, Missoula, Montana

One of my big sisters (who shall remain unidentified so as to provoke family speculation) gently informed me last night that the pine bark shots were great, but tolerances allowed for maybe only one more photo in the series. This was her opinion even after I explained my inspiration gleaned from an Ansel Adams exhibit hosted by the Missoula Art Museum. A take-away from that viewing was that he didn’t care if several close-up photos were of the same foliage subject, each capturing a slight difference in detail or mood or shift of light. Apparently, if Ansel Adams liked something about a photo, he put it out there. And obviously, some people got what he was trying to convey because those series were up on display, provoking the rest of us to enjoy beauty in the quiet details. But I will heed the advice given, because my mum said I have to listen to my big sisters. Too bad the bossy odds are against me, with three of them and just the one me! (Now that might generate a comment - or three!)


  1. Love the lighting in this photo,Sis. It reminds me of the winter picnics with the boys when we would drive out to Elk Island National Park, see buffalo, build snow forts and walk on the frozen lake and have so much fun! So, now it's narrowed down to two sisters, as it's not me! :) L

  2. Winter picnics - what a happy memory! I think Elk Island Park outings were before my time - our winter trips were closer to home!

  3. The graciously unnamed sister gladly identifies herself - as the inspiration for today's musing and reflections.

  4. And a favourite muse you are!


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