27 May 2013

High Lights, Missoula, Montana,

Celestial thoughts came to mind when I looked up at the swirling lights in the high arched lobby of the Missoula Children’s Theatre. During my early years in rural Alberta, Canada, we were far enough north that the Northern Lights would wow us with impromptu light shows far surpassing any major laser and fireworks production. Even sans aurora borealis, an un-citied night sky never fails to move me to awe and simple joy at the wonder that is our nightly ceiling. I recently stumbled upon a site featuring night sky images merged with photos of some major city skylines across the world. If the wilderness isn’t out your back door, grab a cup of cocoa and a s’more (to pretend you‘re at a campfire, silly!), turn out the lights, then click here to bask in the lesser lights that really are up there,

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