29 May 2013

River Rising, Lolo, Montana

Just when I was wondering why the river was still so low for spring, it seemed to rise high almost overnight. (Well, at least it seemed sudden to me, but then I’m still caught unawares by the morning light arriving long before 7:30.) As we walked across the foot bridge, my husband pointed out: 1) there is a direct correlation between the current river depth, a sudden absence of snow on the mountain tops, and four consecutive and very warm days we had recently, and 2) don’t drop your phone over the railing while taking a video of the rushing, woozy-making river below because your office prob‘ly won‘t appreciate it. Seriously love that guy. He keeps me grounded in all the best things and makes laugh.


  1. "How high's the water, Mama?"

  2. Love his perspective - and your perspective on the rushing water.

    Mom always used to warn me not to look at the river while driving along side it - because it pulls you in.

  3. I hear her reminder : "Watch the road, not the river..."!


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