27 June 2013

Batter Up, Missoula, Montana

Just reading the words “Batter up!” in my head makes me want waffles for supper tonite.

But Friday night’s delicious prime rib dinner - (a tasteful thanks to our local Allegra Printing office) - on the Ogren Park Allegiance Field party deck was more than enough to oust the waffle crave.
A good time was had by all, and the Ospreys made a good showing in the weekend's round of multiple games.
Ogren Park hosts so much more than baseball. In addition to charity fundraiser functions, the ball club has hosted concerts by notable musicians, including Willie Nelson, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. Oh, yeah - and the Beach Boys.


  1. Minor League Baseball is the best! I miss it - my son was drafted by the Astros a few years back and we had a great time going to many MiLB ballparks. I prefer it over MLB. Waffles sound pretty good too!

  2. Minor League Baseball games contain the same energy as regional hockey club games. Well, minus the volume of fights and checking...But, point being that, in both, you get to be up-close and personal in a way unreplicable by pro sport events. :-)


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