27 July 2013

I Walk For Kicks, East Missoula, Montana

Let’s be clear and up front about this (to avoid having my inbox flooded with misguided celebrity participation requests, of course) : I walk. I do not run - not even for Kicks.  But I will walk for Kicks, along with TBHE (The Best Husband Ever) and DD (Darling Daughter aka TOC - The Only Child). Well, she'll run. But we still love her.

Check out East Missoula’s official I Run For Kicks site here to see updates on today’s 5K fundraiser for school shoes for local kids in need.
Big thanks for sponsorship this year to Montana Cabinets, Runner’s Edge, Liberty Vapor, Red Umbrella Media, River of Life, and Riverside Coffee House.

And if you want to be inspired by some serious walking stats, look here at Scott’s updates as he’s Walking to Retirement.

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