05 December 2013

Coniferous, Missoula, Montana

A fragrant something to add to your mantel, stair banister, bowl of Christmas goodness, or what-have-you. Breathe deep - you’ll almost smell the pine needles and crisp air - and the oxygen boost never hurts.

If trees in your neighborhood look more like tumbleweeds, or are of the Charlie Brown variety, do not despair - Montana pine needles are available as beautiful baskets, hand-crafted in Missoula by Judy Arledge. See examples on-line at her site, or at 4 Ravens Gallery in downtown Missoula. Who knew pine needles could be so much more than mulch?


  1. One of my favorite glimpses into the life cycle of a Ponderosa Pine - the 'baby' pine cones forming in their nest of needles. Beautiful - I can almost smell it - scratch & sniff blog?

  2. Now there's an idea that's prob'ly forming as an app in some techy mind!


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