06 December 2013

Misted Trestle, West Fish Creek, Alberton, Montana

As we tramped amongst the rocks at Fish Creek, headgear damp with intermittent spits of the lowering mist, a freight train thundered across the shrouded trestle. 
Many would think this disruptive, perhaps even shaking a fist skyward whilst exclaiming, 'Curse you, disturbing creature of man!' 
But not me. 
Partly because we'd already happened upon a recently wolf-mauled deer carcass, which qualifies as at least a day's quota of disturbing. 
But mostly because I've loved trains from the summer I was 5-ish and siblings three rode for a couple hours in a passenger car to visit our grandparents in Red Deer, Alberta
The rails have charmed me ever since.
So I smiled toward the receding roar, and enjoyed a bonus to an already favourite-things-filled day.


  1. Many wonderful memories of the Dayliner train which transported us to that magical land called Grandma's House.

  2. I'm glad you were old enough to remember more than being lifted down from the train steps in Red Deer. :-) It's good to have the balance of group memory. I also remember that crazy spiral slide in the park at the swimming pool - very big to a 5-ish year old.


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