20 June 2014

Good Burger, Missoula, Montana

I was unfamiliar with the inside of bars until I started dating the man now known as The Best Husband Ever, who also happens to be a pretty hot electric guitarist. 

(See what I'm talking about by checking out the newly re-mastered album “Burnin’ Up” by The CoupRs (also on iTunes/ Amazon/ GooglePlay). TBHE fronts vocals on "Dial Me Up", his bad boy answer to Van Halen.  Click the text links to listen, then tell me I‘m not biased!)

Over the years, while engaging in first-rate people watching, I’ve learned which local bars serve up a perfectly-loaded-not-too-greasy burger. Case in point: this tasty visual from the Dark Horse in Missoula, Montana. Sometimes, it's what you crave.

Just please remember to enjoy the beverages as just that, and in moderation.

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