21 June 2014

French Connection: Le Mont Saint-Michel to Missoula, Montana

Very rarely do I waver from Montana-only photos, but today’s exception is a case of maternal indulgence. 

Well, technically, Wicked StepMaternal indulgence (Apples Not Included). 

The Delightful Child texted what she termed “My best picture so far” of Le Mont Saint-Michel, and said I could use it as my “1 a day“. And did not harrass me for my Facebook avoidance, where I could have seen it by now. 
In full-on Delightful mode, Child has a formidable ability to make me think, “Aaaaw! How sweet!” and unwittingly provoke me to give her extra gas money or take her out to lunch even though she hasn‘t asked for a single thing. 
She is a bonus blessing beyond any I ever thought would grace my life. (Yes, I just dabbed my eyes, unashamedly.)

The way I see it, a picture sent from France to a Montana recipient by a Montana girl in the company of a small horde of other Montana students is infused with enough of our great state to qualify for Montana1aday.


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