10 September 2014

Gold Dusted Bowl Of Sky, Missoula, Montana

Lately, procrastination has received some positive press, encouraging to those of us who flay ourselves over this oft-maligned tendency. Delaying to start that “emergency” project can actually save you time - when the project is cancelled the next morning. Sometimes, procrastination is not mere avoidance of an unattractive task, but a gut-level warning to tread cautiously. And occasionally, being delayed puts you in the right place at an opportune time. Monday’s late departure from work meant I was up on Blue Mountain at just the right time to stand in absolute awe under this gold-dusted sky and text deep thoughts to my sister ('The sheen of Heaven's streets reflected in a golden dome of sky.' Well, it sounded better on location.)

Let me know what version of amazing you encounter next time your grocery checkout line winds down Aisle 14, or the fast food isn't, or the 144-car train keeps you idling at the crossing.

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