09 September 2014

Rose Hips Together, Missoula, Montana

“No person ever died that had a family.”
Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine


  1. It's proving to be much harder for me to find this book than i first thought...unless I just up and buy it on amazon. With lines like this I have a feeling I would not regret it.

  2. I would have to agree with no regrets, and hope your local bookstore can find it. (But no judgement if Amazon saves the day.)
    I've appreciated Dandelion Wine afresh with each reading since my grade 11 introduction. On a slow end-of-term day, as blue bottle flies buzzed dumbly against the windowpane, my grade 11 history teacher read aloud to our class of world-weary 16ish-year-olds a suspenseful segment involving a scary vacant lot at night. Of course, the bell rang, right before the resolution (did they make it? was a crazed killer stalking them?). We collectively groaned as our teacher snapped the book shut and said something along lines of , "Dandelion Wine - check it out from the library." By the time I made it to the library, there was a waiting list. More suspenseful delay, but worth it in the end!


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