13 October 2014

Pointing West, Missoula, Montana

“…Drink tea and watch the landscape forget itself. Think of your life
in place, not time. Another time, you’re walking home beside the same river.
Evening is crimson
                       along the horizon.
Look, you say to the child, pointing west.
It’s over there, too, he says, pointing east. The place has you almost surrounded. And there’s a dragon, he says. (There’s always a dragon.) Wingecarribee Zen…”

- from “
Eclogues” By Mark Tredinnick (b. 1962)
(Please do click the text link and ramble through the lovely language in this poem of everyday.)


  1. Cyndy, your posts are a daily highlight for me and this is no exception. Thank-you for introducing me to so many authors I would never meet otherwise.

    1. Finding fitting words for the photo du jour is like a daily treasure hunt.
      It's quite amazing, the varied wealth of lyrical talent so readily available at the tip of our fingers.
      (But the delight of finding a perfect phrase amidst a good paper book still ranks the most satisfying.)


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