17 October 2014

Reed Shadows At Dusk, Charlo, Montana

Do you ever favour something so much that you want to save it - the best for last, in a sense? Perhaps the magazine you must read entirely before anyone else paws through it? Or a best-loved book that you hoped could be your own special copy?

As a kid, I did this regularly with food on my plate - mashed potatoes and gravy at family dinners, partly because I‘d scooped out a little moat and filled it with Mum‘s great gravy. And French fries when we ate out, guarded against sneaky sibling thievery - still my weakness; the French fries, I mean . (No comment on what this quirk might say about me.)

This photo was taken during an earlier fall drive up the Flathead Valley. Ninepipes Reservoir's shining waters beckoned me to stop and see what there was to see, which included a mystically shifting sunset, for starters (and dessert). I first walked out on the little pier in the fishing pond next to the parking lot. Trout were rising, leaving concentric rings to ripple a different surface section every few minutes. The dusk-shaded depths of the water were intense, with the last of the fish rings fading on the edges. It was so pervasively peaceful. 
So, I savoured this favourite photo, keeping it all to myself for a few weeks. 
But today is a good day to share. 
Happy Friday. 

(But the French fries are still all mine - unless you've got a bite of something else good to trade!)

Share your very own personal favourites (pretty please with a cherry on top!) or fill in the blank:  "Don't even think about sharing my ________________!" in the comments below. 
Enquiring minds want to know. 

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  1. A few weeks ago i made a pan of puffed wheat squares..and ate most of it..Melt butter, brown sugar corn syrup and cocoa together bring to boil and pour over puffed wheat. press in pan and at my house there is no need to chill; it's eat immediately! I always think of a little boy when I was in Grade one. He wanted to trade his potato chips for my puffed wheat square and oh, what a tough decision for a little girl who hardly ever got chips. If we did mom would line up a row of bowls and divide evenly until the bag was empty. We all got approx. six chips. There are 10 kids in my when he offered me chips I was so torn, then I remembered how mom smiled and told me she made my favorite for lunches and I told him a resolute 'no'! How could I tell mom I traded my square?!

    LOVE this photo and the setting. gorgeous and thank-you for sharing your story:) another thing I hide in the back of the fridge is cappuccino Greek yogurt. m-m-m-m-m!!

  2. Puffed wheat squares! - a classic Canadian childhood delight!
    I remember the HUGE bag of puffed wheat cereal we had in our pantry that seemed to be taller than I was at 5.
    Thanks for sharing such a great memory.


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