06 November 2014

Mullein Sunset - Missoula, Montana

The hillside above and below the Sentinel Fire Road in the Pattee Canyon trail system was thick with chin-high stalks of blooming and spent mullein. Then, suddenly, around the next bend, there were none - almost as if the wind and critters conspired to transport these seeds to a limited portion of the grassy, open hills. Since I‘d assumed plenty more of these tall plants would pose for me further down the trail, I trudged back the way I’d come to find a likely subject - and the bonus of cooperative sunset clouds. 
Moral of the story: take your chances while ye may - there be no guarantee of yet to come, or nay.


  1. The same principle applies to deals at Big Lots and Costco. Carpe Momentum.

  2. Yes, indeed! Carpe momentum sums it quite nicely!


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