08 November 2014

Toward - St Ignatius, Montana

"....But we are all entitled to
And victims of our point of view
Until we take off shoes we wore
In miles we never walked before."
© Janet Martin

Click here to read this full poem - and more!- at Another Porch.


  1. I was mesmerized by the photo, then flabbergasted when I turned to read the words. Thank-you, my friend.

    1. And thank you for providing the perfect words! When I read your "...Opinion" poem, I initially thought it might fit with a trail photo. But reviewing pics from the St. Ignatius Mission got me thinking of different types of paths people may trod and are sometimes judged because of - and the path to the altar, whether or not there's a holy water font on the way, is often a tough road to walk, for reasons internal &/or external. Deep thinking, thanks to you, and even some encouragement prayer for a few folks who came to mind. I love how your gift provokes my mind AND spirit. Thank you thank you thank you for not just keeping your thoughts on paper.


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