13 March 2015

Seed Shine - Missoula, Montana

It's official: my hiking season is closed until the first summer heat wave.

Why, you ask? Particularly since nature daily beckons with all her springly wiles, "Come closer!"??

Well, The Best Husband Ever - who does not traipse about in nature - found a tick on his person.

If that doesn't give you the heebie-jeebies, you've a stronger constitution than I, my friend. Or you've never had this brand of sneaky little creature tickle your neck a couple of days after you were last in their terrain. (Shudder!) And you haven't seen the giant tick at the Ravalli County Museum's historical display of Rocky Mountain Tick Fever research.

On the bright side, I suppose this qualifies as is a sure sign of spring.  Which I will happily enjoy from the safe distance of concreted city streets, and a few select treeless, grassless hilltop trails. After I vacuum the house (and husband) one more time.


  1. I'm scared.(Learned at First class last night to not burn them - just yank the suckers out. Or biters, or pokers...or?

    1. But I heard they pop when burned - much more satisfying than just pulling out with tweezers.


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