19 June 2015

Urban Wildlife - Missoula, Montana

Filed under 'Things I Might See On My Lunchtime Walk'.

There I am, walking along, peppy music in headphones, looking up at the cool clouds, then at the swaying weeds in vacant lot to right, then left at the green green Pepsi plant lawn - whoah! THAT is a HUGE buck! 
Please note this is not the national forest, rather a busy industrial area with commercial warehouse operations, a large machinery dealership, and the UPS distribution centre all within a block either way. And I am 30 feet away on the sidewalk.)
While I was taking pictures (crouched 20 feet away behind a measly 12" wide tree trunk, just in case...), a fella from Pepsi drove by and hollered, 'So, you like our pet?!' 
I have to say, today's wildlife interaction was much more pleasant than last week's multiple incidents of dive-bombing crow parents thinking me on the sidewalk was too close to their fledgling on the company lawn. Scary movie flashbacks. (Shudder!)
I prefer peaceful Bambi any day - especially from behind a tree.


  1. what a great shot!! Imaybe he's like my middle daughter, just really wants to experience city-life:)

    1. Hmmm....there's a children's book in there, deer & country deer?!

  2. Under the sub-heading ... "This could only happen in Montana". Wonderful.


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