07 November 2015

Golden Glow - Missoula, Montana

Thursday night, snow flurried amidst the headlight crossfire during my evening homeward commute. 
By Friday lunchtime, we were again ensconced in this sunny - albeit intermittently so - golden glow. 
Such are the varied and fickle delights of autumn in western Montana. 


  1. We are beginning to eye Autumn a little suspiciously, asking, hey, what are you really up to?, so uncommonly warm and kind she has been. The white stuff drifted through one morning a few weeks ago but its been downright balmy!! A small rain storm yesterday morning then back to sun for the next 5 days although cooler than the high 60's and 70 that we enjoyed most of this past week.

    I love what you so aptly named The Fickle Delights of Fall. and this is such a 'wish i could be there' shot

  2. Nice to know the temperamental temperatures are not just in our neck of the (literal & figurative) woods!
    It's always a catch 22 - we enjoy the extra leaf-raking days (I'll take sunshine over squall, thank you), but worry that we won't have enough snowfall for spring, and also to avoid late summer forest fires.
    One of these days, the call of the mountain stream will lure you west and south of the border!


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