09 November 2015

Wattle Fence Winding - Rattlesnake Creek, Missoula, Montana

"...And long, winding fences, and gray, rimy stone,
Like living things gleamed; 'til the light faintly thrown,
Died far off in the distance away..."
- from Poems (22.Uncle Enoch) by Elizabeth Fawcett Townsend

The title page notes that the book includes "Poems by the late Elizabeth Fawcett Townsend, Printed at the Request of Personal Friends". The printing was in 1862, a few months after the author's death, according to the lovely and personal preface.

As this work is in the public domain, you can read the full text of this and Townsend's other generously printed poems here, and see the scanned pages here. Should you prefer a first edition hard copy,  John Taylor Books will carefully ship this lovely one to you.

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