16 January 2016

Sweet Words - Missoula, Montana

"Silence, a silence that breathed kindness, the silence of a woman wrapping herself in a man's kind words as if in an expensive fur. And at last, very sweetly, very courageously for someone as formalistic as her, she said, 'I wanted to hear your voice, too.' - From Traitors To All, p 139-140,  by Giorgio Scerbanenco (1911-1969), The Godfather of Italian Noir

(In case you hadn't noticed, Valentine's Day candy is already out in stores. And I must say, some of the new candy heart messages are rather odd. But sweet words are never out of season.)


  1. surely a sign of the times...I wonder who decides what gets printed on a candy-heart:)

    1. Indeed! I'm thinking some parents of a fender-bendering young adult weighed in on the last two :-) (And I speak from an empathetic view!)


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