08 February 2016

Aerial Bliss - Somewhere Over Montana

Well, obviously, the aerial views have turned into a series which I didn't anticipate. Missoula's had overcast skies for so long, I'd expected to pop up through the cloud layer and view the top of it on our way out of Montana. Instead, I was delighted by glimpses of Montana's mountain ranges, towns, and winding rivers and roadways. So I'm running with that little bliss. (So much bliss that I was barely annoyed at the pseudo-Winglet in my window view; thankfully, my next United leg featured the new-ish Split Scimitar Winglet.)

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  1. oh wow! surreal.I've never flown so this is why i say 'surreal'. This past week i asked a friend (kiddingly)who flies all over the world if he prefers the window seat so he can see the scenery and he snorted 'nope! aisle seat so I can stick one of my legs into it, head-set on and sleep for as much of the flight as I can!

    1. Hah! That made me laugh! Such a practical fellow!


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