06 February 2016

Heading Out - Missoula International Airport

Heading out for two and a half weeks, on the heels of a fair bit of planning and packing. Saturday was  Denver and Las Vegas; tomorrow, San Francisco and Tokyo; Tuesday, Bangkok and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Just typing that was  a little surreal - I'm SOOOO excited!

You can follow our adventures in Sri Lanka at ; there's also a link in my blog roll on the right sidebar of this page. 

In the meantime, I've stockpiled enough Montana posts to tide you over for the duration, because it's still going to be winter gorgeous here! 


  1. SO excited for you. God bless and keep!!

  2. Thanks a bunch! I'm ridiculously excited - especially since we are getting up at 3:30 AM Monday morning, to catch our first flight leg out!


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