05 June 2016

Along The Gibbon River - Yellowstone Park

Having recovered from second (thin) helpings of the previous evening's Kiev cake, our happy little sisters+niece band wended our way merrily along the Gibbon River in Yellowstone Park, photo-snapping happily from one amazing view to another. Mid-journey, as I crouched for a lower angle along a paint pot boardwalk, sister #1 thoughtfully considered aloud, behind me, "So, since we are actually in the Wyoming part of the Park, can you technically post these photos on Montana1aDay?" 

Pop! goes my happy blogger bubble! 

But, thankfully, my thinking cap wasn't entirely dislodged (the little under-the-chin string ties really help); after a few silent minutes, the little lightbulb clicked on brightly above my head (several tourists mistook it for a halo and snapped photos) and provided this happy solution:  I shall include a disclaimer asserting that, while photo locations may technically be in the state of Wyoming, Yellowstone Park is a treasure shared geographically by three states, including Montana, thus any photos taken within the Park meet my (new and improved) posting standards.

There you have it - you've been disclaimed! 

I hope you enjoy the views, and even more hope that you are inspired to visit Yellowstone National Park in person.


  1. Just curious how many other Americans (native or transplants like me) did not realize that Yellowstone Park lays within the borders for 3 states. Hooray for forward-thinking conservationists.

    1. And I actually learned this - and much more about hot pots and the historic Old Faithful Inn - from one of CJ Box's Joe Pickett mystery novels!


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