10 June 2016

Open Sesame - Front Door, Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park

As I moved in for a close up of this spy hole, Larry from Arkansas offered to close Old Faithful Inn's front doors to allow us a full shot of the notable entry. The doors are red on the outside to syhmbolize hospitality, but the interior is a natural wood finish.
Larry is a Park volunteer who charmed and instructed us in the history of this  welcoming and hospitable historical masterpiece. He was a font of interesting information, including that a full-time crew of men was dedicated to selecting the seemingly endless and varied pieces of naturally curved wood used in multiple stories of hand-crafted stair railings and balusters. In the 1950s, Larry and his late wife met in the Park; they were happily married for over 50 years. While he winters back home to be near his family, Larry now spends the summer season enlightening Yellowstone's tourists, and is keen to acquire his 10-year volunteer pin. He added another layer of memorable to our Park meander, and we sincerely appreciate his insight and kindness.

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