13 June 2016

Puppy Love - Thompson Falls, Montana

A Big Sky welcome to Emma, the mellowest 3-month-old pup I've ever met. 

And a big thank you to the kind folks at Thompson River Animal Care Shelter (TRACS) in Thompson Falls, Montana.

Emma journeyed with her mum and siblings from California to TRACS in hopes of finding her very own human. 

Niece A, in search of a sweet little buddy, journeyed to Thompson Falls from southern Alberta, via Livingston, Montana, with a stop to pick me up in Missoula, Montana. 

Mission accomplished for both parties, thanks to the devoted matchmakers at TRACS. 

In chatting with the staff at TRACS, we learned that, in addition to networking and receiving animals from other states, animal adoption shelters south of the US-Canada border see a lot of Canadian visitors. Who knew?!

But we're certainly glad for all the wonderful work by TRACS that resulted in a happy California-Alberta combination.

P.S. If you are looking for your very own sweet dog (or cat - yes, dear cynic, there is such a thing as a sweet feline),  Thompson River Animal Care Shelter (TRACS)  updates their roster frequently (click the text link in their name). 
And if you wish for a pup as darling as Emma, her sister, Eadie, (pictured in both photos below)  made for a tough choice between sweet puppies. Eadie is still available, as is their mum, Eileen, and a varied selection of other dogs.


  1. chuckles and smiles on so many levels! thank-you:)

    1. Wee Emma continues to prompt chuckles - I heard that after arriving home and displaying for a couple hours the calm and snuggles we'd seen all afternoon, she suddenly broke into a mad dash around and around and around the house! Since then, we've heard she's been a healthy mix of play and mellow. :-)

  2. Wonderful promo for a great cause.

  3. I am convinced that no small part of a puppy's perfection is due to the way the kind staff and volunteers at the shelter treat them. Love abounds.

    1. TRACS is definitely exemplary - including in the kindness of care aspect - from what we've seen.


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