07 July 2016

Open Doorway - Entrance Of The Wells Hotel, Garnet, Montana

"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, 
or sailed to an uncharted land, 
or opened a new doorway for the human spirit."

- Helen Keller (1880-1968)


  1. wishing i could travel from basildon essex to see the hotel built by my ancestor edward wells from sligo ireland brother of my great grandmother catherine wells later catherine caffrey who lived in kilglass parish co sligo ireland.

  2. the wells family once lived in minehead somerset. edward trott wells trained under a captain pengelly to later become a coastguard ,when training was finished edward wells was posted to helvick head co waterford ,as head boatman , then after a period of time was posted to co sligo which was then an ulster county.


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