17 July 2016

Perfect Little Cherry Pie - Polson, Montana

The perfect end to a lovely day at Polson's Main Street Flathead Cherry Festival: four people ahead of me in line did NOT buy the last two perfect little cherry pies! 
I was eyeing these little pies for much more than a tasty snack; they are my redemption plan for forgetting to buy Mrs.Wonderful's cinnamon rolls to take home to The Best Husband Ever and Darling Daughter. In my defense, Mrs. Wonderful's cinnamon rolls are rather distracting, especially hot out of the oven and the first thing you eat for the day. But I feel pretty confident in the peace-keeping power of these little pies - flaky crust, not-too-sweet filling, just-right size - what's not to love?!
And Mrs. Wonderful Marmalade Cafe  will be seeing us again on another morning.

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