18 July 2016

Pure Sugar - Missoula, Montana

""Back home they set fire to the canefield before they cut the cane. Burn away the leaves and rubbish so's they can press the cane to make sugar."

"Aye," Kate replied curiously. Where was this leading? 

"Life ain't nuthin' but a canefield. Sorrows burn away the trash. A person finds out what matters and what don't. What's left is the sweetness. Pressed out, boiled down, and purest crystal. One day, Miss Kate, you tastes the sugar and don't remember the ashes no more.""

-Miss Susan in Ashes Of Remembrance by Bodie & Brock Thoene, page 87

(Note to gentle readers: This is not what Def Leppard is singing about in "Pour Some Sugar On Me.")

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