12 July 2016

Quiet Parlour - Garnet Ghost Town, Montana

As I walked through Garnet ghost town, seeing through windows and doorways the abandoned leftovers of an earlier generation's hopes and dreams, snatches of lyrics and melody from David Francey's song "Torn Screen Door" kept circling in my head: 

"Weeds overgrown in a garden 
sown with care
It used to be someone's home
Now no one lives there

...They worked their fingers
To the bone
Nothing left
They can call their own
Packed it in under leaden skies
With just the wheat
Waving them goodbye 

...Hung a sign on a torn screen door
Nobody lives here no more..."

David Francey is one of my all-time favourite songwriters. His well-crafted songs tell the stories of all of us amidst the everyday commonplace - especially if you every lived in a small town in Canada. If you haven't had the pleasure of his musical company, check out his YouTube channel here and connect to his website here


  1. Oh! I know who I'll be listening to today!
    These pictures tell a story without words!

  2. I hope you enjoyed Davis Francey! He's another great Canadian weaver of words, right up there with you. Glad you heard the photo story. I'm a little surprised at how many thoughtful thoughts were launched in my head from that day.

  3. Thought I should tell you I shared this link with my brother and he is now a David Francey fan:)

    1. Hooray! He is absolutely fan-worthy! And your are may even be in his concert route!

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