28 September 2016

Golden Poetry - Missoula, Montana

"The poetry of earth is ceasing never..."


  1. Wow. Very beautiful. I visited Montana for the first time recently, it was like a dream come true. It's amazing. I wrote about it here:

    Also, can I ask which camera you use? Lovely photos. I'm trying to gather information on good quality cameras before I buy one. (Expensive, eep!)

  2. So glad you got to visit Montana! and thank you for stopping by my blog site.
    I enjoyed your "Going to the Fog" post - so sorry the mountain majesty was hiding that day. But it sounds like Livingston and environs made up for some of that. Loved your traveling line, "Postcards are flashing past us on both sides." I never tire of Montana's varied views.
    Side note: California expatriates are pretty thick in Montana - but they're often loathe to admit to being a transplant.

    As for cameras, in keeping with my live-simplicity striving, I use two cameras:
    1-my iPhone 6 (used for almost all posted photos in last year. However, many of the images before this summer were shrunk down from 3264 pixels to 2000 pixels on the long-side size, for quicker loading and to stay well under Blogger's free storage limits. Photos from the last few weeks are full-size.)
    2-Panasonic Lumix compact macro-to-zoom lens model - I'm on my third Lumix compact - they feature a Leica lens and the ability to shoot in full manual mode, plus way more bang for the buck than anything else in their price class ($150-250-ish in a bundle) - I've worked with far more expensive cameras and lenses, but don't need anything more powerful until such could pay for itself. Lumix also developed some fine models with interchangeable lenses, again, usually surpassing competitors in the same price class.

    I hope you have fun trying out different cameras and find one that fits you - and your budget!

  3. Thank you for replying. I am surprised to learn that you get such great shots from a relatively inexpensive camera, the Lumix. You have a really great eye. I will certainly look into getting one for myself...I love taking pictures but dislike bulky cameras and lenses, sigh.

    Looking forward to many more great pictures from Montana on this blog!

    1. Thanks again for clicking around my posts. I popped over to your blog - enjoyed seeing where you've been traveling, and also what you've been reading and viewing (foreign films).
      Lumix is definitely puts the portable joy back in taking photos out and about. You could always try one out and return it if it didn't suit. Pre-digital, I schlepped around a manual SLR, collecting a smattering of lenses and filters and a bulky bag, and enjoyed the creative process in the darkroom. But in more recent stages, I narrowed down the reality and purpose of my photo-taking to be joy and composition improvement, with the ability to print a large, high-quality image if desired. Lumix totally enabled that for this stage of my picture taking life.
      Cheers, & Best to you in your image adventuring!


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