30 September 2016

Lavender-ish Canopy - Missoula, Montana

Mid-walk through our neighborhood, I stopped and looked straight up into a magically-lighted canopy. All along the block, this one particular type of tree displayed leaves shaded red on the topside and gold on the underside. As the sun filtered through the gently shifting layers, it cast a glow almost lavender. 

The Best Husband Ever gets a gold star for patience, since I stopped multiple times to gaze upward. Times like these, it works well that I'm a speedwalker and he's a stroller - he continues on, and I just catch up!

(Note to self: It behooves one to keep one's mouth shut when under-tree ambling to prevent the inadvertent sampling of electric blue noseeums, and to avoid the subsequent and very inelegant expectoration upon a public thoroughfare. Ick and double-ick.)


  1. I'm caught betwixt marveling at leaf mosaic and laughing OUT LOUD at your unexpected and politely eloquent ending!

    Also relate to the stroll/speedwalker combo;-))

    1. ah, the downside to this gazing and gaping in open-mouthed wonder!
      unless you just consider it as a little extra protein intake... :-)


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