18 September 2016

Ravishing Radicchio - Missoula, Montana

"Castelfranco Radicchio
wilted slightly

maintaining backbone
Aubergine Du Burkina Faso Eggplant
grilled in olive oil
fresh ground peppercorn
and basil
gently laid onto a delicate bed
bright green and fresh..."

(Hungry yet? I gotta say, it pays - in health dividends - to start a shopping list with "carrots - celery - greens". The fresh brightness of Albertson's produce section inspired me to stick to the grocery list and avoid the junk jumping at me from heavy-laden end-aisle displays. With kettle chips being my Kryptonite, I'll take a gold star, thank you very much, for slicing my own carrot chips to guiltlessly appease a crunchy-texture fixation.)

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