04 May 2017

Seriously Spring - Missoula, Montana

A fabulous evening for ice cream at Sweet Peaks
(Griz Tracks flavour for me - click here to make your mouth water. Their website indicates ice cream ships every Wednesday to anywhere in the lower 48 United States...just sayin'....)

Next up: a calorie off-setting stroll downtown along the Clark Fork River.

And after that, we finally had supper - legendary Mo Club burgers. 
The Best Husband Ever observed that they are cooking on the same grill as decades ago when his dad ate there as a young man, and the long-time seasoning of the grill contributes to the special taste of their burgers.

A veritable best-of-Missoula evening!


  1. Booking a duplicate of this evening for our July visit.

    1. But of course! Aaaaand sweet peaks is conveniently down the street!


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