02 May 2017

Subaru Sentiments - Missoula, Montana

Well, there's a sentiment I didn't expect to see on a Subaru wagon in Montana: "H8 WLVS". 

I (literally) Laughed Out Loud reading this license plate at the stoplight - not because the statement itself is ha-ha funny, but because I needed a second reading to get it - only due to the seeming incongruity of its location on the back of this particular vehicle type. Good thing it was a long light. 

Wolves are a contentious topic in Montana, particularly in regions where they've been "reintroduced".  I won't go into the bitter debates and gory details here, but feel free to click on the highlighted text links to get a brief intro. Should you want to delve, a Google search for "wolf debate in Montana" will provide plenty of fodder for deep dinner conversation.

The Subaru drivers we typically see in Montana tend to love the outdoors and everything in it, exuding a 'live and let live' vibe often underscored by a plethora of bumper sticker messages. And a couple of tail-wagging dogs laughing out the back door windows.

So, "H8 WLVS" just didn't fit the stereotype, and my brain stuttered because of that - providing yet another opportunity to laugh at my sometimes silly self. Because I know it really is ridiculously pointless to try and stuff people into a tidy little identity box - no matter what name brand logo said box may be sporting

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