23 February 2018

Sound Judgement: Stay Indoors - Near Lakeside, Montana

Here's a thought - from a favourite thinker - with potential to spark vigorous dinner conversation (& has absolutely nothing to do with today's photo)

“If one’s judgment is unsound, their expert advice is of little use.”
- Wendell Berry, from "Damage, stanza 1"

 (& just as a teaser, here's another deep thought from stanza III of the same poem:

"...It accepts the clarification of pain, and concerns itself with healing.  
 It cultivates the scar that is the course of time and nature
over damage: the landmark and mindmark that is the notation
of a limit.

To lose the scar of knowledge is to renew the wound..."

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  1. Such perspective - how in different seasons that same view is inviting and hospitable.


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