20 February 2018

Wildish Sky - Missoula, Montana

A mixture of sunshine and storm in today's lunchtime sky instructs to enjoy the present sunbeams - and prepare for more snow! 
The promise of sunshine on my face (er, what you could see of it behind the scarf pulled high and hat tugged low) drew me out  into the c-c-c-crisp, brrrr-isk air. 
Once out under God's great big sky, I was reminded of this lovely poem snippet from the the delightful mind of Janet Martin:

“…or this; weeping of wind 
Drifting lost; aimlessly
Through winter’s stricken woodlot
Where a leaf-song used to be

Already then I knew
When I was but a child
Something unwritten beckoned
In the air, driving me wild” 

-From Before the Poems... by Janet Martin 

Read and ruminate on the entire poem here at Another Porch Poetry Blog.

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