04 October 2018

Dreamy Haze - Missoula, Montana

Well, I suppose it's been an eventful fall thus far...and it's rather interesting how much can change in a few weeks' time.

When I flew out to India early in September 2018, the Missoula-area mountains were layered with drifting smoke from regional and faraway wildfires (pictured).
In the few weeks I was away, I missed out on the gentle early-stage transition of summer to autumn, hallmarked by sunny days and crisp, clear evenings. 
But there remains plenty of gorgeous, leafy colour change to enjoy, even though skies are now defaulting to cloudy - to which my inner Pollyanna says, "At least there's no more smoke from fires!" (You go girl.)

If the mention of India travel caught your attention, you can check out some of our trip highlights at  I'm still processing the nudging changes God continued working in my heart during this journey. The trip was amazing, yet it's good to be back in Montana. And it seems a bit unreal that I was ever away across the world enmeshed in a whole other experience of daily life - kind of like the dreamy, hazy view in today's pic
Anyway, in the midst of my ongoing mental masticating, I'll endeavor to more regularly share views of this gorgeous place my heart calls home.

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