05 October 2018

Lincoln Zephyr - Helena, Montana

A few days after I returned home from India, The Best Husband Ever had a wild hair to jaunt over to Helena, Montana, and check out an estate auction that included numerous classic cars which had been stored in a barn for decades. 
Jet-lag stupour not-withstanding, of course I said yes! -  partly because I was intrigued as to what could induce a man who shies obsessively away from buying stuff to subject himself to an estate auction! (Turns out, he'd never been to one before....)

A good time was had by all - and we did not bring home a classic car project, or anything else, for that matter ( whew!).
(By the way, the 1948 Lincoln Zephyr V12 went for $42k or thereabouts - a little rich for us.)


Your thoughts, please?