05 April 2019

Moving On - Spring Ice on Flathead Lake, Polson, Montana

"If there were ever two words that had no meaning they were moving on.
Sorrow isn't a place you can leave behind.
It's part of you.
It changes the way you see, feel, and think,
 and every once in a while, the pain isn't remembered, it's relived;
 the anguish as real and heartbreaking
 as if it was happening all over again."
-From Righteous by Joe Ide, p. 4


  1. Poignant quote - paired perfectly with the photo.

  2. a note of sadness in the quote... The image is, however, most beautiful and very representative to cold and sorrow.

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Andrei. You are absolutely right about the sadness factor in this quote - it voiced accurately my own experience, and served as a timely reminder to be more gracious dealing with honest sadness and grief, and that it is part of living and walking through. "...a time to mourn, and a time to dance..."


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