01 June 2020

Wind-tossed Sky - Missoula, Montana

Friday evening's clouds were particularly inspiring, with lofty winds re-shaping, hence our multiple pauses - literally in the middle of the (deserted) street - to gaup & point , “Look at that one over there…!”
I figured Gerard Manley Hopkins had some lovely cloud thoughts, and he did not disappoint:
“Cloud-puffball, torn tufts, tossed pillows  flaunt forth, then chevy on an air-
Built thoroughfare: heaven-roysterers…”
Please read the rest of the poem here – but be forewarned that his lovely language plummets to earth on the wind as steeply as a hunting bird of prey.
The trajectory rackets on through man’s darkness – but still arrives at hope, via the avenue of redemption, to “immortal diamond”.It’s a lovely pondering read on many angles
Quotes from “That Nature Is a Heraclitean Fire and of theComfort of the Resurrection” by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-89)

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