20 January 2021

Uncluttered - Near Bozeman, Montana

A couple weeks ago, I added the following focus tip as an 8:15 AM Calendar entry. I read it to start every workday, then move it to the next weekday morning. (Same bat time, same bat channel!) So far, so good - I find it helps clarify my one-thing-at-a-time striving.

#17: "Keep your desk and workspace bare. Treat every object as an imposition upon your attention, because it is. A workspace is not a place for storing things. It is a place for accomplishing things." 

Many thanks to my fave life-hacker Tim Ferriss for sharing the link to 100 Tips for a Better Life by by Ideopunk.


  1. Love that daily focus - great pairing with this very barren (and beautiful) photo.

    1. Nothing quite like a 4 hour winter drive across a small chunk of this vast state!


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