13 January 2013

Blue Jean Love, Montana

Getting dressed yesterday to leave for our weekend trip, I remarked to my husband that I've had these blue jeans longer than we've been married. And I know this because I'm wearing this same pair in a picture with my sisters taken on a get-together in the year before we married. This realization was a bit amazing, served up with a side of trepidation. Amazement because they've held together for seven years; trepidation because, as with bathing suits and bras, it's a sad, sad, day when the perfect garment finally blows out - because it's torture to find a replacement that fits as well! So, I'll take care of these, and hope they don't expire in a publicly humiliating manner. Like at today's cheer meet,. When I'm cheering loudly (yes, cheering for the cheer leaders).  Here's hoping these last a long time.


  1. So true little sister - so true - -

  2. I think I remember buying them with you in Alberta shopping together? Also means you still look great in them!:) L

  3. They WERE an Alberta shopping score! And second-hand, to boot. I'm immensely thankful for that little bit of lycra....Pat, I hope you clicked on the blue jean hyperlink. :-)


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