16 January 2013

Subtle Shift, Somewhere Along I-90, Montana

"...they touch heaven, tabour on it; how their talons sweep
The smouldering enormous winter welkin!..."
- from Ash-boughs by Gerard Manley Hopkins

On another winter note, if you haven't yet Googled today, you should - right now! be spontaneous! I'll make it easy - click here. In honour of inventor Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday, today's Google doodle is an interactive Zamboni game. Finally, you can drive the Zamboni, just like you always wanted to when you were a kid at the skating rink, watching, mesmerized, as the driver made his rounds - or, rather, ovals - to create a new smooth surface for everyone waiting to rush back on to the ice. Once you've conquered the ice rink, treat yourself to a nostalgic round of Pacman.


  1. somehow, this beautiful transition from warm, barely seen, ocra to the "noisy white" reminds me of the sea, of the transition between the waves on the beach and calm, small, distant waves. again, beautiful.

  2. Lovely perception! You captured the subtlety with a perfect example.


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