15 January 2013

Dusted Hills, Missoula, Montana

There's a selection of left-over Christmas fudge on the counter in our office breakroom - original fudge, huckleberry, and a creamy-coloured concoction. When I was a kid, my oldest sisters owned a health food store - Happy House, still a viable business, last we heard - so we enjoyed alternatives to common junk food. Instead of cocktail peanuts, roasted soy nuts were on our snack menu. Instead of fudge, we savoured a Middle-Eastern sweet called halvah, which is good in its own right, but cannot be confused with fudge. (If you squint, these snow-dusted hills look kinda like a variety of halvah. That's my tie-in, like it or lump it.) And I had no idea we consumed above-average food until we moved to the USA when I was in grade seven, and a new friend offered me a Twinkie. I think that's the last Twinkie I ever ate. No loss there.

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