04 June 2013

Graduation Day, Corvallis, Montana

The sun and sky conspired to present this bucolic Bitterroot Valley view as a perfect addition to graduation day celebrations.

Aaaah, graduation day - a day on which we enter the gymnasium full of hope and optimism, sincerely believing - that we will pick out our friends and family amidst the sea of thousands of faces. We quickly gave up to instead embrace realism and enjoy the event for what it really is: a prime venue for people watching.
Spiffed up young men, still noisy boys despite the shined shoes and ties. Burly dads carrying florist bouquets and wiping their eyes, unashamed. Young ladies sporting dress-up fashions that would have been right at home at my ‘80s-era graduation ceremony. Casually clad young parents with adorable toddlers in tow - little girls in Sunday-best dresses and bows, or young boys in miniature ties and vests.
I got to thinking that each person has a different back-story of why this event is important enough for them to dress up and make the time to attend. For many, like our family this year, it’s as simple as love and support for dear ones celebrating a milestone. But, given the national high school drop-out statistics, some might be celebrating a first graduate in their family. All in all, it was interesting to be surrounded by the best kind of proud, loving people, air horns and lengthy slide shows notwithstanding.

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