05 June 2013

Mobile Art Installation, Livingston, Montana

Big thank you to Amanda Neufeld, today's guest blogger, for the photo and thoughts (and for being my first gorgeous niece!) Check out Amanda's manicure graffiti or send a question to her at

In graffiti tags, there is a language hidden in vibrant colours and cryptic characters, a message for a community. They say, "This is where I belong, see my name and recognize my skill, I deserve to be known."

Even without decrypting the code, a tag can be read. It says there is a passion for self expression in members of every community. No formal training is required to have an eye for form, colour and personal style. It says that vision and drive are in the heart of the unexpected artist.

How splendid are the sides of trains! Impromptu galleries that travel across the country, expanding their collections along the way.


  1. Bravo! I grinned so widely my face hurt. Truly - I do not mean that as an expression. I am sitting just a little way down the block from where that photo was taken. I live in Livingston and love the grafitti on the train cars. I imagine where the artists live, how they gained access to the train cars. They link me to other parts of the word...cities, maybe a small town in Nebraska or Tennesee...C. Hull Gray

  2. What a treat to be within walking distance of such cool, industrial views!
    Prob'ly a perfect evening for a stroll today, too!


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