03 June 2013

Maple Blossom, Missoula, Montana

Maple syrup, maple bars, green wing nuts to stick on your nose for rhinocerous impersonations, summer shade, swishy sidewalk drifts of autumn leaves, Canadian symbolism, fall wing nuts helicoptering to ground… so many things to love about maple trees. (I’m sure you can add to this list.)

My husband has long appreciated the beauty of standard maples. When our neighbor offered a free sapling - well, “free” actually equated to digging it up out of their yard - he considered the sweat equity a good trade off. So we’ll have fabulous shade in about 15 more years - before I even reach official retirement age!
 But the long-term rewards will be worth it - as long as we can help it survive the neighborhood cats penchant for using it as a scratching post.

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